Alzheimer is old age problem. Its symptoms, nature and severity vary from case to case. Symptoms usually develop slowly. Common symptoms are of weakness of memory, lack of concentration, confusion, anger and irritability about trifles, mood swings, difficulty in learning new things and even talking, aversion to family and society and consequently general weakness and prostration. Hypertensive, Arteriosclerosed and hyperlipidemics are more prone to the problem. Patient's life expectancy vary between 7 to 10 years with the commencement of the disease process. So far exact cause of the disease has not been established. Different theories are there but no treatment available in modern medicine. Current Alzheimer's disease medications and management strategies may temporarily improve symptoms. This can sometimes help people with Alzheimer's disease maximize function and maintain independence for a little while longer. But because there's no cure for Alzheimer's disease, it's important to seek supportive services and tap into your support network as early as possible.

But as homoeopathy and acupuncture treat the disease by triggering body's own defense and immune system therefore the prevention, treatment and cure is possible in CAM therapies. Acupuncture restores the neurotransmitters production which will not only arrest the disease process but also be able to reverse it. Homeopathic medicines trigger the immune system to look after its normal functions. Brain exercises and brain games help further loss of memory.

Homeopathic Remedies for Alzheimer's Disease

2 alum, 2 agn, 2 anac, 1 ant-c, 1 arg-m, 2 arg-n, 2 ars, 1 aur, 2 aur-i, 1 aza, 1 bapt, 1 bar-acet, 2 bar-c, 1 bar-m, 1 bell, 1 bry, 1 calc-p, 1 cann-i, 2 con, 2 crot-h, 1 fl-ac, 3 HYOS, 1 ign, 1 iod, 1 lach, 1 lil-t, 2 lyc, 2 kali-br, 1 kali-p, 1 nat-i, 1 nat-m, 1 nux-m, 1 nux-v, 2 ov, 2 phos, 1 pic-ac, 1 sec, 1 sep, 1 staph, 1 sulph, 1 thiosin, 1 zinc

Acupuncture Points

K 3 ; H 7 ; Ex 6

Du 11 ; Du 14 ; Du 17 ; Du 20 ; Du 26

Ub 18 ; Ub 23 ; St 36 ; Li 11

Ear acupuncture points

Magnet Therapy

South pole exposure of head

South pole cap or pillow

Color Therapy

Red light ; Red sugar ; Red oil ; Red water


Avoid acidic food

Encourgae alkaline diet

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