Breast cancer is becoming a very common disease in Pakistan. In Asia Pakistan has the highest rate of Breast cancer. Early indication is a lump which feels different from rest of the breast tissue. A woman can herself check it easily if breast examination is done at regular intervals. Lump is either in breast or axilla is to be considered seriously. Although all lumps are not malignant yet 80% of the lumps have the chance to become malignant. If lump is examined to be increasing in size or painful, it should seriously considered. Lump increase in size, breast become heavy, puckering of nipple or skin. Mammogram is an easy way to get the diagnosis. Routine treatments are Chemotherapy, hormone therapy, radiation and surgery. If breast and all its related lymph nodes are removed, it is life saving surgery. If cancer cells are left un removed, the disease become life threatening again. There are remedies in homeopathic system of medicine but they are effective before the mechanical manipulation i.e. Biopsy. After Biopsy or metastasis the chances for the cure get slim. Still the patient can be helped better to bear the terminal painful conditions.

Homeopathic Remedies for Breast Cancer

1 alum, 1 alumn, 1 anag, 2 apis, 2 arg-n, 1 arn, 2 ars, 2 ars-i, 3 ASTER, 2 aur-ar, 2 aur-m-n, 2 bad, 1 bapt, 1 bar-i, 2 bell, 2 bell-p, 2 brom, 1 bry, 3 BUFO, 1 calc, 1 calc-i, 2 calen, 2 carb-ac, 3 CARB-AN, 1 carbn-s, 1 carb-v, 2 carc, 1 caust, 1 cham, 2 chim, 1 cic, 1 cist, 2 clem, 1 coloc, 3 CON, 3 CUND, 1 dulc, 1 ferr-i, 1 form-ac, 2 gali, 3 GRAPH, 2 hep, 2 hydr, 1 kali-c, 2 kali-i, 1 kreos, 2 lach, 1 lap-a, 2 lyc, 3 MERC, 2 merc-i-f, 1 nat-cac, 2 nit-ac, 1 ol-an, 2 ox-ac, 2 phos, 3 PHYT, 1 plb-i, 2 psor, 1 puls, 2 sang, 2 scirr, 1 semp, 2 sep, 3 SIL, 2 sulph, 1 strych-g, 1 tarent-c, 2 thuj, 1 tub

Acupuncture points

Lu 9 ; Li 4 ; St 44 ; Liv 8

K 8 ; Sp 9 ; Ren 9 ; Ren 5 ; UB 20

Sp 6 ; Li 11 ; St 36

Du 14 ; Liv 3 ; GB 41

Color Therapy

Green , Orange And Blue are specific for Cancer >

Magnet Therapy

North pole

North water


Avoid: All fried, canned and artificial flavored food. Genetically modified food, Microwave cooked food, Grilled meat, Carbonated beverages, White flour, Farm fish, hydrogenoid oils.

Consume: Broccoli, Carrots, Beans, Berries, Cinnamon, Nuts, Olives, Turmeric, Fruit, Apple seeds, Flaxseed, Tomatoes, Garlic, Fatty Fish.

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