Breast lumps are common and can be self assessed. Lumps feel different from the surrounding tissue. If found should be earliest diagnosed and treated. Only 10% of the lumps get malignant. All lumps are not of the same nature. Although a woman can feel herself the presence of a nodule or lump but if found should be examined by health professional to determine the gravity of the issue. Breast examination should include the examination of axilla for any swelling etc. If some abnormal swelling is found should be treated immediately. Lumps , nodules and growths are totally curable. People who are well oriented to homeopathic and alternative medicine should know not to manipulate such growths as by unusual pressing or Biopsy etc. We have got best remedies in homeopathy but before biopsy is done as body's defense loose its capacity to reverse the pathological process if tissue or structural mechanical changes are imposed.

Homeopathic Remedies

1 acon, 1 agar, 1 agn, 1 alum-sil, 1 alumn, 1 ambr, 1 anan, 1 apis, 1 arist-cl, 1 arn, 2 aster, 2 aur, 1 aur-s, 1 bar-c, 2 bar-i, 2 bell, 1 bell-p, 2 bry, 1 bufo, 2 calc, 2 calc-f, 1 calc-i, 1 calc-p, 3 CARB-AN, 2 carb-v, 2 carbn-s, 1 carc, 3 CHAM, 1 chim, 2 cist, 2 clem, 1 coloc, 3 CON, 2 crot-h, 2 croto-t, 2 cupr, 1 cycl, 1 dulc, 1 fago, 2 graph, 1 hep, 2 hydr, 2 iod, 1 kali-c, 2 kali-chl, 2 kreos, 2 lac-c, 2 lap-a, 2 lyc, 2 merc, 1 nat-m, 1 nit-ac, 2 phos, 2 phyt, 1 plb, 2 plb-i, 1 puls, 2 rhus-t, 1 ruta, 1 sang, 1 scroph-n, 2 sep, 3 SIL, 1 spong, 2 sul-i, 2 sulph, 2 thuj, 1 tub, 1 ust, 1 vip

Acupuncture Points

Local needling should be avoided in case of breast lumps.

General immune enhancing or balancing points are prescribed.

Color Therapy

Blue and Green water

Magnet Therapy

North pole exposure

North water


Avoid: All fried, canned and artificial flavored food. Genetically modified food, Microwave cooked food, Grilled meat, Carbonated beverages, White flour, Farm fish, hydrogenoid oils.

Consume: Broccoli, Carrots, Beans, Berries, Cinnamon, Nuts, Olives, Turmeric, Fruit, Apple seeds, Flaxseed, Tomatoes, Garlic, Fatty Fish.

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