Candidiasis is actually fungal infection which can be manifested in any part of the body e.g. mouth, genitals, nails, skin etc. Usually the symptoms are not severe but in advanced cases there is redness, itching and restlessness. Vaginal infection can have itching, burning and painful thick discharge. These symptoms are also present in bacterial infection but 33% of women suffer from fungal infections. If male urethral orifice become red, swollen and smelly, it needs to be checked medically for candidiasis. This disease manifest itself in weak immune systems. Therefore it cannot be cured by antibiotics, anti fungal or local applications. It needs to improve the immune systems. Homeopathy and alternative treatment root out the disease by triggering the body's own immune mechanism.

Homeopathic Remedies for candida albicans

1 calc, 1 calc-p, 1 chin, 1 helon, 2 lyc, 1 med, 1 nat-p, 1 nit-ac, 1 puls, 1 sep, 2 thuj

Homeopathic Remedies candida albicans, vaginal discharge with

1 calc, 1 calc-p, 1 helon, 2 med, 1 nat-p, 1 nit-ac, 2 puls, 1 sep, 1 thuj

Acupuncture points

Du 20 ; Du 14 ; Li 4 ; Li 11

St 36 ; Sp 10 ; Local points

UB 13

Color Therapy


Magnet Therapy

North pole under right palm

South pole under left palm


Avoid gluten diet; mushrooms; Peanut; Peanut butter; Pistachios; Alcohol; Processed cheese; Processed pickled meats; packaged & processed food; condiments.

Consume coconut oil ; Garlic ; Onion; Ginger ; Olive oil ; Lemon and lime juice; Pumpkin seeds; Apple cider vinegar.

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