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Quantum Analysis

Quantum magnetic resonance analyser is a high tech innovation which combines medicine, bioinformatics, electrical engineering and electromagnetic field detection of the weak cellauar magnetic field resonance to analyse the health condition of the body, organs and cells. It is totally non invasive technique . The patient has to hold a probe and within a few minutes more than 40 systems and more than 300 tests are performed to generate a report which is not a quantitative measurement but it is a qualitative status of the disease processes. The test as told earlier is non-invasive without taking blood or any sort of radiation exposure. Apparently in a totally asymtomatic person the test can show abnormal values to present the near or remote future health risks.

IMAGINE the expense that patients incur with conventional diagnostic testing like blood tests, CT scans and MRIs, among others. Now imagine holding a sensor in your palm while it analyses your health through electromagnetic wave signals in your body. Yes, such a device is in existence!

quqntum analysis

How it works ? Most fundamental reason for a disease begins at atomic level. Atoms combine to form molecules. A molecule is a series of atoms linked together by chemical (electromagnetic) bonds. Inside each atom is a nucleus which is collection of protons and neutrons linked together by nuclear bondage. Chemical reactions are making, breaking and rearranging bonds between atoms. Although chemical bonds do no change in the nuclear structure of the atom but a very weak electromagnetic field is created whenever charged particles come together. Whenever charged particles come closer they mess up their magnetic field sometimes making bonds to coexist but many a time repel to create more mess in the surrounding creating a magnetic resonance. Specialised tissues in the body can generate electrical signals in response to this magnetic activity and transmit throughout the body. The changes occuring in the biological molecules cause changes in the cells ultimately resulting change in the tissues and organs. The electromagnetic resonance in the diseased cell will be different from healthy cell. These extremely weak resonant effects now can be picked by sensors and amplified by computer processing to generate a qualitative virtual report of the health and disease condition in the body

quqntum report

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