Homoeopathy treats the Female problems through the wisdom of symptoms which is the natural language of the disease process in the body. Unnecessary use of surgical and diagnostic instruments can cause complications which can be avoided by understanding the body's own language in the form of symptoms. Face colour, freckles & pigmentations, warts or eruptions etc. are indicative of some intrinsic disease mechanism. This sort of diagnostic process needs very close observation & experience. Use of cosmatics to get clear, clean, healthy and glowing skin is a dream without intrinsic correction. Yes, try Homoeopathy and acupuncture for your cosmatic, gynaecological and obstetric problems with full aith and confidence because we Cure with Care.

It doesn't matter how many times you win an award, it is always very special.

CAM (Complementary & Alternative Medicine) is the absolute choice

Y es, No one would deny the benefits that offer total solution for all curable acute and chronic diseases.

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Y es CAM is the choice for every young and elder, male and female, infant and baby.

Y es Go for wise choice and let us do the rest to make you healthy and perfect (Insha Allah.)

Say Y es to let us cure you with care.

Quadcore Treatment System

Say Y es to let us cure you with care.


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Alternative & CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) is the holistic approach to Healthcare Solutions for all Acute & Chronic Diseases. Prof. Dr. Rifat Hashmi is the pioneer physician in Pakistan to introduce the Alternative and CAM therapies.

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