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Iridology is the system of diagnostic study in which the iris is examined for its colors and patterns, lines and defects, pigmemnation etc. To get information about the health and disease conditions of the individual/patient.

Iris charts are made to study the patient's iris and iris has been divided into multiple zones which are the representing different organs and tissues of the body.

iris scan

Sometimes iridology helps in diagnosing the diseasebut many a time it is useful to determine the organs or tissues which are under pathological stress. Sometimes the individual seems healthy but iris shows changes in the area which can be at risk in future.

Interestingly iridology is completely non-invasive technique of diagnosing the disease process. iris can be examined by naked eye or magnifying glass but professiol iridologist use iris camera to capture the iris images of both eyes. These images can be superimposed on virtual model to ascertain the potential risks. Iridology can reveal the genetic weakness and strength and the organs where problems can occur although it cannot reveal the actual disorder.

abnormal iris

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