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Lo Shu Grid

Lo shu grid is a chart of 9 boxes where each box contains a number in such a pattern that when added horizontally, vertically or diagonally sum up to 15.

This chart is considered a mystic grid with unique qualities and is used for devination, prediction and as remedy for real life problems. It is considered sacred in different religions and cultures.

loshu grid

Name Lo shu grid is derived from Luo river where emerged a magical turtle having this pattern on its shell.

loshu turtle

In hindu culture this 3x3 associative magic square is called Mahalaxmi or Ganesh yantar with only difference of top square containing 1 whereas in loshu grid top square is 9

Laxmi Grid

laxmi grid

Lo shu Grid

In Islamic culture the 3x3 associative magic square is reffered as Number 15 Naqsh of Eve (Hazrat Hawa). In arabic the numerlogical total of Hawa is 15. But the unique thing is that here four different patterns are drawn associating each to four elements i.e fire, air, water and earth.


نقش آتشی


نقش بادی


نقش آبی


نقش خاکی

From full name and date of birth the grid is prepared and then the following information can be drawn from the grid.

Our interest in this system is to get information about the health of the individual. All the elements in the grid represent some organs, tissues, sense organs and acupuncture channels. The deficient element in the grid will weaken the related organ and tissue whereas excess of some element will insult or overcome its opposing elemnt and the problems in those areas can be determined e.g if in a grid fire is excess and metal element is missing then the problem will appear in the lung, skin or large intestine or nose as all of them belong to element metal .

Draw Your Gid

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